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Frield Group Panels in Block Editor

  • Hi

    Just started to use ACF so forgive me if i am slow on the up take. I have created a field group assigned it to a custom post type. When i first added it the panel was at the bottom of the page which was great and easy to see and use. For some reason its now on the right hand side panel of the editor which is much smaller and harder to use. I can grab the field group panel to move it back to the bottom but it wont allow it. Not sure if its something i am missing or a setting that wrong. It might be a block editor / wordpress thing just wanted to make sure it isnt ACF.



  • Welcome to the block editor, Danny. Most metaboxes show up in that tiny right-hand sidebar, and very awkward it is. (Plus there are some that won’t show up at all…)

    I would recommend that you follow the instructions to create an ACF block and assign your field group to that block. You can limit the block to the specific post type, and create a block template so that block is right there in the editor when a new CPT post is created.

    Though the fun part is going back and converting over any older posts…

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