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Form Submitted to Custom Field??

  • Hi all, thanks in advance for any help and the phenomenal plugin!

    I am working on a registration system which people can use to sign up for a variety of groups/classes. Long story short, I have a custom field called “leader_email” which records the email address for the group leader.

    I need to create a form people can use to register for a group (easy). But here’s the part I can’t figure out – that form needs to be submitted to the email address recorded in “leader_email” custom field.

    All the form plugins I find make me specify the email address the form will be submitted to, or are outside the loop where I can’t call “leader_email.” Can anyone recommend a way to set up a form within my page template that I can have submitted directly to the email address contained in the “leader_email” custom field?

    Thanks again!

  • Hi @augustroad

    It sounds like ‘leader_email’ should be a ‘static’ value that is not specific to a post.

    I would recommend using the options page add-on for you to save this email to.

    Then, you will not need to run the get_field function within a WP loop, allowing you to use it within a filter / action that the form plugin provides to change the email address?

    Does this help?

  • Hi @elliot, thanks very much for your help on this and for the excellent work on this plugin.

    Your answer does make sense, but I’m afraid it may be “above my paygrade” when it comes to development (I’m better w/ design than development). If you think you or someone else would be able to resolve this issue and could give me a quote, I’d be happy to check to see if we could pay you to put this solution into play.

    We’re using Formidable right now for the form plugin, but could use anything, I suppose. Please let me know if you are interested, and if so, what a potential price range might be?


  • Hi @augustroad

    Sorry mate, I’m unavailable for freelance work. If I were you, I would jump onto an online freelance job board and post it there.


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