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Flexible Field Labels

  • Hi, I am working with a site that uses a lot of flexible field sections to build up the overall page – I find it really useful to expand and contract the fields when i’m adding content so there isn’t loads of content open all the time – what would be super useful though would be the ability to label a content section when building a page so when it is contracted you can still see the label next to the field name:

    e.g. (1) Image Gallery – Company Profile Images

    Just a thought, it would make finding the right section a lot easier if, for example you have a lot of ‘Image Gallery’ sections or whatever.

  • Hi @jimdestruct,

    Thanks for the post.

    This feature was actually introduced in version 5.3.6 and now it is able to customize the layout title using this filter

    I hope this info helps.

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