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Flexible Field: Ajax Save & Deactivation

  • Hi there,

    i’m working a lot with the flexible Content field on different projects and created reusable “Modules” which i use in this projects.

    However, i often don’t need some Modules of my Library for the current project, so an option to deactivate a Flexible Module/Layout would be nice. So the Module is still there, to be activated when needed, but doesn’t clutter the CMS for the customer. You can deactivate the whole Flexible-Field-Group, but thats not whats needed here.

    Another great improvement would be Ajax-Saving the Flexible Fields on creation. Everytime we save, the Page is refreshed now, which closes all Flexibles Fields. When i have to change something in a Layout-Field, i first have to find my way through the fields to reach it, which gets tedious after a while.

    best regards,

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