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Flexible Content Subfields overlapping

  • I’m currently having a strange lay-out problem in the WP-admin which makes it impossible to use the Flexible content plugin.

    Strange overlapping problem with ACF Flexible Content Field subfields.

    I’ve added multiple sub fields inside one Flexible content field. When i save my settings, all these subfields are on top of each other (seems like an absolute positioning problem) and only the last one is editable.

    When you click on one subfield (to open), it opens up, but all previous subfields remain hidden behind the active field.

    Previous subfields hidden behind the active subfield.

    This is making it impossible to make changes to the configuration of previously saved subfields!

    Also the overlapping subfields are in dark gray which also seems to be a bug.

    I’m running the latest version of WordPress 4.3.1 and Advanced Custom Fields Pro 5.3.1 (developers license).
    Tried a clean install (default theme, no other plugins) to rule out there’s compatibility issues.

  • Hi @mattiasstrubbe,

    Thanks a lot for reaching out.

    It is highly likely that there is some CSS being injected into your site that is causing the issue.

    Kindly try replicating this issue with one of the WP stock themes with no additional plugins and let me know if the issue persists.

    Hope this helps.

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