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Flexible Content Field Button does not respond

  • Hi newbie here.

    I have added Flexible Content Fields to two different websites. In both cases when I go to edit a post that contains the FCF, I click the “Add Row” button nothing happens.

    Actually, I do get a tooltip that displays the FCF field name, but I NEVER get input fields that will allow me to start entering data.

    Thanks for any help, or ideas on what to look for next …

  • @rustyeddy: I know this may be unrelated, but do you use a mouse or a touchscreen. We encountered, that it is not possible to add a flex field with microsoft surface (touchscreen or touch/typecover mousepad). however it is perfectly fine with an external mouse and runs smoothly with apples ipads etc. As Microsoft an Apple use 2 different touchinput libs, I’m guessing at least our issue is due to the lack of microsofts input method.

  • Hi, thanks for getting back.. It has been a while so I am a bit fuzzy.

    I am pretty sure my problem went away after the upgrade from 5.0.1 to 5.0.2, IIRC..

    Anyway, it works for me know.

    BTW, I am just using a desktop..

  • I’m actually still experiencing this issue on a MacBook Pro, but I do click my trackpad instead of tapping it. No console errors whatsoever, just an unresponsive Flexible Content button. I don’t even see the fields if I set the minimum to 1.

    This is all taking place within an Options page and it also happens on posts. I don’t have any other plugins installed and the only customization I’ve made is to register a custom taxonomy. For reference, I’m using the Roots theme ( but I experience the same issues with Twenty Fourteen.

    Using ACF PRO 5.0.8.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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