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flex in flex enabled in options.php but content not saved

  • Following your suggestion from a previous thread to comment-out the unlink of the flexible field as type of a flexible field, which I found in views/options.php, I can now create flex in flex fields and attempt to use them but after reediting a published/updated page the flex in flex field content is gone, ie.

    the content of a flexible field inside a flexible field is not saved.

    Do you have a solution?

    Many thanks!

  • I can get more precise:

    it does save!

    I changed the “field name” of the flexible content field inside the flexible content field.

    This lead to the old content disappearing and new inner flex fields all being numerated “0. ” and not saving.

    Renaming the inner flex fields field name to its former name made the content appear again.

  • it appears a nested flex can’t have multiple layouts currently: they don’t get saved. When reopening the field group, an empty layout was added to the parent flex.

    After removing that the nested flex content on a page couldn’t be overwritten anymore: It was present as previosly entered but any attempt to change the data was in vain.

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