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Flex Fields and Repeaters Not Staying Collapsed

  • The arrows to collapse the content as it’s being authored are handy. I have a page where I am testing out 22 different modules I’m authoring, one at a time.

    It seems pretty bipolar though. Sometimes they are collapsed, most of the time if I refresh the page they are all back open.

    This is most annoying and I am wondering what I can do to encourage my browser to remember the state of the page? I’d like them all to be collapsed except the last section/flex-area I’m working on: and stay that way.

    Bug? Limitation? Or something I’m doing wrong?

  • I think you need to actually publish or save a post for it to remember the collapsed state of the fields, but I’m not sure. It could also be that if you’re field group is extremely complex with lots of nested flex fields and repeaters that it’s confusing ACF trying to figure out what fields should be collapsed and what ones shouldn’t be. It could be a bug, or it could just be that you’ve found a limitation. Field collapsing is a relatively new feature of ACF.

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