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Filter shortcode taxonomy list

  • I’m trying to filter the taxonomy list in the image (knipsel) to only make it show the tag that is equal to the current posts_id. For example: if the post_id of a post is 10586 then in the list it should only show the tag 10586.

    Project_tag is an ACF taxonomy field which is placed in the form suggested-items. I placed the shortcode of the form in a shortcode element (from elementor) to get the list of tags in the image (knipsel). shortcode name is suggested-items

    In functions.php I tried the following code to filter the output of the shortcode:

    function loop_the_tags() {
    	$taxonomy = 'project_tag';
    	// Get the term IDs assigned to post.
    	$post_tags = get_the_tags( $post->ID, $taxonomy, array( 'fields' => 'ids' ) );
    	// Separator between links.
    	$separator = ', ';
    	if ( ! empty( $post_tags ) && ! is_wp_error( $post_tags ) ) {
    		$tag_ids = implode( ',' , $post_terms );
    		$tags = wp_list_categories( array(
    			'title_li' => '',
    			'style'    => 'none',
    			'echo'     => false,
    			'taxonomy' => $taxonomy,
    			'include'  => $tag_ids
    		) );
    		$tags = rtrim( trim( str_replace( '<br />',  $separator, $tags ) ), $separator );
    		// Display post categories.
    		echo  $tags;

    In this case it should only return the checkbox with number 10586. (ouput-frontend image)

  • *Update

    I managed to show only the checkbox with a value matching the ID of the current post with the following code:

    function my_acf_load_field( $field )
        global $post;
    	$post_id = get_the_ID();
        $field['choices'] = array();
        $query = new WP_Query(array(
            'post_type' => 'projectsoverview',
            'orderby' => 'menu_order',
            'order' => 'ASC',
            'posts_per_page' => -1,
    		'tag' => $post_id
        foreach($query->posts as $product_id=>$macthed_product){
                $choices[$macthed_product->ID] = $macthed_product->post_title;
        $field['choices'] = array();
        if( is_array($choices) )
            foreach( $choices as $key=>$choice )
                $field['choices'][$key] = $choice;
        return $field;

    Now I am trying to modify the query to only return the checkboxes that are checked. Is there a parameter that I can use for that purpose? Or is there another way?

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