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Filter / Search Custom field types page

  • Hi

    I’d like to do a filter/search for my custom field types.

    Is there a plugin/or sample code anyone has tried using which works well. In effect I’d like to achieve something like this…

    Where I’d be able to filter the custom post types.

    Any advice, guidance or tips would be hugely appreciated!


  • Hi @codynew

    No worries, i should realy find some time to write a tutorial about this, but it is quite easy.

    First, you need to render out your filters – I’ll leave this bit to you. The filteres should be clickable links to the same url with an added $_GET param that contains the filter name and filter value eg:

    Next, you need to edit the page template and look at the available $_GET params. Use these to modify the $args that you then send to the WP_Query class.

    Loop through the query results and then output the HTML.


    Good luck


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