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Filter acf/load_value broken in front-end

  • (This was also posted in ACF github issues, sorry for duplicate)


    I noticed a bug after updating from ACF PRO 5.11.4 to 5.12.1.
    I think it’s a bug because I haven’t found any explanation for this in changelogs :

    The filter acf/load_value is not triggered anymore in frontend forms, only in admin.
    It was working as expected until 5.11.4, then it suddenly broke.

    Is it a bug or an undocumented breaking change ?

    In this case I was using load_value to prefill a date field with the current date.
    Is there another filter I could use to do this ?

  • While I don’t know the cause of the acf/load_value filter issue I would use the acf/prepare_field filter for making a change like this.

    I see that the developer asked you for code, so I won’t make you post it twice. You should post your filter code over on github for them to look at. You could also post it here but I’ll probably defer to letting them look at it first.

  • Thanks for your answer, using prepare_field as you said fixed the problem !

    I still think that there is a bug/change with load_value that could break existing sites.
    I will continue the discussion on the github.

    Thanks again

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