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Fields overview should show the rules where the group is showed

    • Jebble

    • June 27, 2019 at 9:24 pm

    Very often from a UX and User point of view I like to seperate settings for a post in to multiple metaboxes.

    It’s easy if I have 1 group called “Homepage content” and add group fields and add all the meta fields for the homepage to that, however this can get very large very quick and to give the user a better experience it would be nicer to offer multiple boxes like “Header settings”, “Call to Action” etc.

    However if I would do this for multiple post types and templates the overfiew of all ACF field groups shows multiple boxes “Call to Action” for example, assuming the fields are not the same everywhere. To counter this I call the field groups “Homepage CTA”, “<POST TYPE> CTA” etc. And this again looks ugly because I don’t want to repeat the word homepage everywhere.

    Therefor I think the field groups overview should simply show a simple list of the rules where a field group is shown.

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