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Fields not visible in backend

  • Hi,

    I use simple text fields and show them on product pages. But since some days I can’t see them in backend. Sometimes I can see them for a second but then they’re not longer visible. My client has the same problem. We work both with Chrome. I use Advanced Elementor Fields Pro, v5.9.3.

    ACF settings 1
    ACF settings 2

    Many thanks.

  • Without more information the only thing I can suggest is that you start by looking for a plugin incompatibility by deactivating other plugins to see if this solves the problem.

    Double check your field group location rules to make sure they have not changed and the they should be shown where you thing they should be shown.

  • I’m having the same problem. They randomly show up for a few hours, then disappear for hours or days.

    I’ve tried disabling all the plugins and they aren’t showing up either.

    Thing is, they are not even showing up in the screen options at the top, where you choose what to display in the current post backend.

  • Update: the current ACF version failed, so I had to apply the patch again.

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