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Fields hidden on Edit Fields page

  • I’m running ACF 4.3.8 on WP 3.9.1, and everything was working fine until I started working on the site on a lousy network that was making the edit fields page load really slowly. I clicked to collapse the field editing area and then reloaded the page. Once it came back up, the fields were gone. “Fields” is still checked under screen options. Checking the HTML in Firebug shows that the field area has the classes “postbox closed”, and getting rid of “closed” makes it show up just fine, but having to do that every time I need to edit fields is annoying. Any thoughts?

  • I’m having this issue too. I can’t offer any more insight.

  • I’m having a similar issue. When I fold open a field the label inputfield is gone. With firebug/webdev I find the label is empty
    <div class="acf-input-wrap"><input type="text" id="acf-field-field_53f3482a60aad_label" class="label" name="fields[field_53f3482a60aad][label]" value="Nieuw veld" placeholder=""></div> and bootstrap.min.css has .label:empty { display: none; }
    After a lot of trail and error I found out another plugin caused this (in this case Responsive Admin Maintenance Pro With Countdown). So check other plugins (deactivate them and refresh your form page. Maybe this way you can find out if another plugin interferes.

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