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Field Update: Add value

  • Hi all,

    I really love ACF. It‘s one of my favourite WP plugins.

    Is it possible to update a field by adding a single value, even if the field already consists other values?
    There will by a lot of values in the field, so I’m looking to just add one value:

    Instead of:
    pre-catch the existing values of field, add the new one, save it

    it should be:
    Add new value to field (but also keep the already existing values), save

    Field 1 -> Values: v1, v2, v3 … v100000000001, v100000000002

    User clicks on a button, single value is added:

    Field 1 -> Values: v1, v2, v3 … v100000000001, v100000000002, v100000000_a_new_one

  • You could do this with jQuery. Why not just use a repeater?

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