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Field Types, Shortcodes and Beaver Themer

  • Hey there awesome ACF community!

    I know that this is not the proper place to ask questions about Beaver Themer, but it relates to it’s configuration with ACF and I was wondering if someone could help me out.

    So Beaver Themer is a new plugin that allows you to style all areas of the site (headers, footers, 404, etc) with their Beaver Builder plugin. The cool part is that it includes “field connections” which allows you to target ACF fields and bring them to the front end! Groovy!

    I am trying to adapt this code below, From the Beaver Builder website:

    Or, if you’re using a field created with the Advanced Custom field plugin, you’d use the attributes from that field. The following code shows an example of inserting an ACF of type Image only if the field contains an image.

    [wpbb-if post:acf type="image" name="corp-photo"]
        <div class="fl-post-feed-image">
        	<img src="[wpbb post:acf type='image' 
                   name='corp-photo' image_size='thumbnail']"/>

    So I have three ACF fields at play: True/False, Font Awesome and Link.

    Basically I am trying to set up a scenario where if someone checks the “Do you have a Facebook account?” true/false conditional checkbox, then the font-awesome and link fields appear (I have this part set up).

    Looking at the code above and trying to modify it, what I don’t know is the proper syntax for the True/False field type. Also, I would think I would need the key=”” instead of the name=””?

    I have 3 field keys:

    facebook_check (True/False)
    facebook_icon (Font Awesome Add On)
    facebook_link (Link)

    My best attempt so far is:

    [wpbb-if post:acf type="true-false" key="facebook_check"]
        <a href="[wpbb post:acf type='link' key='facebook_link']">
    [wpbb post:acf type='font-awesome' key='hcf_leader_facebook_icon']</a>

    I know this isn’t a Beaver Themer support, but if you can help in any way, especially with the field keys, I would be muy grateful!

  • I am also try to work out how to use font awesome within a themer layout. Did you ever find out how to accomplish this?

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