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Field Type: Ajax Like Button

  • Hi guys,

    I’m looking for someone to develop me (I’d pay) or help me create a new field type inside ACF, which would be a like button, that can be used on the frontend by the website visitors.

    It would need to display a little thumb icon and a counter next to it (with how many likes it has currently).

    Users would be able to either like or unlike it, if they already clicked it.

    I’m using ACF to display my repeater custom field set inside an html table on the frontend, with each set of the repeated fields in a new row. I’ve managed to do this perfectly with the help of Unlimited Elements plugin (for Elementor), but I need this special field type (an ajax like button), so I can display it on the end of each row of my table.

    Any kind of help is greatly appreciated!


  • A like button would require more than a new type of field. It would also require figuring out where to store the data for each like and you’d also need to record data for each use about every post they have liked so that they and unlike it if they choose. This is an application you are looking for and not a field type. You may want to post your request on some of the freelancing sites that are available.

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