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Field "not saving" due to Field Name case insensitivity

  • When a field is saved with a given field name, an entry is stored on the post_meta for the post with the field name as the meta_key. However, if you then edit the field name and the modification is only a case change (i.e. demoID –> demoId), then everything appears to be working from the ACF Field Group, but now the field in the post no longer saves.

    Digging in, this appears to be because the field name in the acf post_meta updated, but the field name in the actual post did not update. So while the acf post_meta is showing the correct field name (demoId), the post post_meta is still showing demoID. Because of this, when the post tries to retrieve the field it can’t find it. I have included some samples of the database entries.

    If I simply rename the field name to the previous demoID then the value now shows correctly and can be updated. This works in some cases, but if I need a different field name to show in the REST API response then obviously this causes problems.

    Please let me know if you need any further guidance in duplicating this issue.

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