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Field not appearing in Pages

  • I added a custom field that is:

    Page is equal to “Products”. Products has a bunch of child pages I need the custom field “product_category_description”.

    In my template file I have:

    				$cat_desc = get_field( "product_category_description" );
    				if( $cat_desc ) {			    
    				    echo '' . $cat_desc . '
    				} else {
    				    echo 'empty';

    When I visit the page in the admin, I don’t see the custom field. I even tried changing it to:

    Page is equal to “Metal Park Benches” to be specific to the actual child page but even so the field did not appear.

  • Sorry, but I can’t work out exactly what you’re trying to do from your description. Can you try explaining again. Also, maybe export the field groups and attach them.

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