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Field Groups Missing After Upgrading to Pro

  • I recently upgraded to ACF Pro and all of my field groups are now missing. When I switch back to regular ACF all the field groups reappear. How can I get my field groups to show up under ACF Pro?

  • Are the field groups registered using PHP or in the ACF admin?

  • If the field groups are created using ACF then make sure that you’re following the steps outlined here

    If the fields are created in PHP then the code used to create them will need to be altered what needs to be done has changed. Some of these changes are listed here

  • I guess my problem is that I can’t figure out how to update to the free ACF5. I have version 4.4.7 and there’s no “update now” button like the link suggests. When I look at free ACF on the ACF WordPress plugins page it looks like 4.4.7 is the most recent version. I’m assuming that if I upgrade to free ACF5 I’ll be able to keep my field groups when I update for ACF5 Pro, but I don’t know how to get free ACF5.

  • Currently there is no free version of ACF5, I just read the upgrade page and it does say there is, but that has not been released yet and I haven’t heard anything about when that will happen. So, if you purchase a Pro license, the follow the instructions.

    The important bits

    1. Backup your site
    2. Do not deactivate 4
    3. Activate 5
    4. Go through the upgrade
    5. Deactivate 4
  • Can I go straight from ACF4 free -> ACF5 Pro, or do I need to go ACF4 free -> ACF4 Pro -> ACF5 Pro?

  • You can go straight from the version your using to ACF5Pro

  • Okay, doing the database upgrade solved everything. Thank you!

  • I’m still having an issue with my PHP fields, though. I don’t actually see anything in your article about the changes I need to make to enable them in ACF5.

  • If you post the code used for creating a field group maybe I can spot something, but I can’t guarantee it.

  • There weren’t that many fields that used PHP, so I just remade them from the admin interface and removed the PHP. My issues should be resolved. Thanks for the help!

  • Just a word of caution, if any of the fields were image, file, relationships, galleries, multi select fields and few others I don’t recall off the top of my head, then you may seem some display issues on the front end until you edit pages, post or wherever the fields are located. The reason for this is that the field keys for the new fields will be different than the old fields and ACF does may not know what to do with the data in the database without being able to located the correct key.

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