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Field Group stuck – can’t even delete it

  • I’m stuck with a rather weird problem: a field group (“gallery”) is kind of stuck in the system. I first recognized that it appeared twice on all pages. I then tried to delete it – not it’s not visible in the Field Group List but still ‘stuck’ on all pages.

    Since this field group had “hide page attributes” active this is really bad for the current workflow since all page attributes are gone from all pages and i dont know how to go back to normal. Help? Thanks!!

  • This is more than likely a permission issue in the acf-json folder in the theme. Either that our you somehow got a duplicate JSON file in there. You’ll probably need to delete the file associated with that group manually, and check the permissions on the folder while your there (should be 755)

  • oh wow! Thank You!! Deleting the json files made the “ghost” field group disappear. Now i only have the problem that i still can’t access the Page Attribute – probably because I checked “hide” with the problematic field group “gallery”. Do you have any suggestion how i can solve this issue?
    Thank you!!

  • update: now Page Attributes seem to be back on board – for some reason they were disabled in the Screen Options. Uff. Backup – and on we go… Thank you!!

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