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Field Group Location Settings Won't Save

  • I’ve got a strange issue that I’m struggling to debug. I’ve got a site where, whenever I try to change a field group’s location settings, it doesn’t appear to take. When the page refreshes after updating, it still shows the old settings. This is happening only with the location settings, not anything else in the field group.

    ACF-Json files do get updated, but aren’t available to sync because the last modified time is still up-to-date and ACF doesn’t notice a difference otherwise. If I manually increment the modified timestamp in the json files, I can synchronize and the update becomes visible.

    This happens in staging and production both. I’ve tried creating new staging instances and updating ACF, WordPress, and every other plugin to the absolute latest without it making any difference. I don’t see any errors at all in any log files for my site.

    I’m at my wits end. I don’t have the first idea what could be causing this issue.

  • I’ve been pondering this and there is nothing specific that I can think of that could cause this to happen.

    The only thing that I can come up with is that there is a filter somewhere that’s interfering with the saving of the field group. I would start by deactivating plugins and switching theme to see if I could narrow down where the conflict might be.

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