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Field Conditional Logic bug? field hidden even if it has a value

  • Example: Field group has 2 fields A and B, normally you would fill field A, then B.

    Field A is always shown, Field B has conditional logic “Show this field if A has any value”

    But how do we have the “Show Field B if Field B has any value”, I can’t select “this field” from the listing.

    The only way to access Field B is to enter a value in Field A – this is not an issue if we just want to see it, but entering text in A, then deleting B’s text, then A’s, then updating will not result in B being changed.

    To change B, I had to enter text in A, update, delete B, update, delete A, update.

  • You cannot make a field conditional on itself, so what you want cannot be done. I would suggest rethinking how this works.

    A quick thought is to use a radio button where you select if you want to enter a value for A or a value for B (or both) and then make both A and B conditional on the radio field.

  • thanks for the reply John, I’m talking about the fields as shown by the plugin on the post creation page, with the conditional logic created there.

    screenshot here:

    download_links_2 and extra_content_2 being shown because the ‘x’/’y’ is in the other fields.

    I figured it wasn’t currently possible, but it seems like it would make sense to allow for it in a future update.

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