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Feasibility of AutoSaving Fields?

  • Is there any feasibility for ACF fields to autosave? I’m building a post template using ACF and the Repeater add-on, that will allow people to create slideshow type content. There’ll be a lot of text being written by our users going into each article, and I’m conscious that at the moment their work is autosaved. And moving to a new template that didn’t autosave might confuse them and they’ll lose work.

  • Hi @peter Willis

    Thanks for the request. Currently, this functionality doesn’t exist to keep the plugin as light weight as possible, but perhaps a simple listener on all inputs to listen for a change in value would be an effective way to update the value eon change.

    I’m not sure if this will make it to core, but wouldn’t take long to code if you are confident with some JS.


  • Thanks, I’ll have a dig around.

    I’d be happy to pay for it as an add-on though; if, that is, there was enough interest for it to be a justifiable route for ACF.

  • Hi there,

    I’m dealing with this same issue.

    I have a custom post type using 8 custom fields, each of which contain a lot of user generated content. Some users have reported losing a bit of work after taking their time with input and losing their session, etc.

    Would appreciate some guideance on an approach to implementing a solution with javascript – ie. what events to listen for, or hacking at autosave.js

    Would also be happy to pay for this functionality as an add-on or update.

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