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Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError:

  • Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError:

    wp-content\plugins\elementor-pro\modules\dynamic-tags\acf\tags\acf-image.php on line 71

    after i updated this is the error im seeing

  • This is most likely a conflict with another plugin. You’ll need figure out what other plugin the conflict is with by deactivating plugins until the issue resolves.

  • This is the exact same issue i’ve been having since yesterday. I have not found a solution yet. I had added a plugin which probably started this problem (Ultimate Category Excluder) But after removing this plugin the problem stays. I also have tried removing and reinstalling my other plugins like Elementor, Elementor pro, ACF and CTP UI one by one. The problem seems to be ACF now.

    Here is line 70 – 72 of the named file.
    if ( empty( $value ) && $this->get_settings( ‘fallback’ ) ) {
    $value = htmlentities( $this->get_settings( ‘fallback’ ) );

    I have no experience with PHP so i don’t know how to fix it. Please help!

  • The file you mention is in elementor pro, not acf pro.

  • You are right. And to add im using the free version of acf. But do you know a solution to this problem or should I go to Elementor for support?

  • You should contact elementor, you’re not likely to get much help here.

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