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Event registration through forms created by ACF?

  • Hello all!

    So I have these events every other week or so, and I’d like to allow my users to register/sign-up for these free events – I think a simple form could be the ultimate solution. I’d like their names and emails (and event ID) to be registered somewhere, maybe on a different page or in the backend, so I can keep track on who’s coming.
    I’m using a plugin (Events Calendar) for the events themselves, but it is possible to change the plugins templates in the child theme, and more specifically the single-event.php.

    So I’m thinking I could add front-end form to each event, and have the data saved somewhere, but I don’t know where to start. I’ve always used ACF for custom post types but never anything this advanced.

    Do you guys have any ideas of how I could utilize ACF (pro) for this?


  • You can build an HTML form and then save things in a repeat box within the event, for example. Then you have to be notified, so it’s worth taking a look at wp_mail().

    Usefull links:
    PHP 5 Form Handling
    global $post;

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