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Escape or shoe HTML in the Description Field

  • In the Instructions area of a Field, one can enter text as “Instructions for authors. Shown when submitting data.” Is it possible to show raw HTML in this field?

    The field I am using that the instructions refer to is a “Choice” field, and the choices are a list of HTML strings that are full <a href="">websitelink</a> links.

    I can paste lists of full HTML links into the “Choices” field, and it’s no problem that on the user end in the post/page editor that the links appear as the text link websitelink in the Choice dropdown and not the full HTML.

    But I need to show the full HTML in the Instructions because this Field Group appears on an Options Page, and I need users to know that they have to paste lists of full HTML links. So I’d like Instructions to show a few examples of the full HTML links; right now, the Instructions render HTML rather than display raw HTML.

  • Ouch, typo: title should be Show instead of Shoe.

  • In the instructions field enter html entities < for <, > for > etc.

  • It seems that I cannot submit what I want, it keeps getting altered.

    remove the space from this & lt; == < and remove the space from this & gt; == >

  • Yes, html entities work in the Instructions fields; thanks. I should have tried that. HTML like break tags work.

    The code tags in the forum editor should work to be able to post entities without converting them, like this:

    < for < arrow and > for right arrow.

  • Nope, the code tags don’t allow entities to be posted. Must be a limited Tiny-MCE editor.

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