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Effects of ACF on SEO

  • Currently, I am busy with my colleagues to build a new website for my employer. At the old website we aren’t using Advanced Custom Fields.

    We are a professional development training provider. For each training (180), we are using Advanced Custom Fields now. The general Yoast SEO Plugin doesn’t scan the content of our Advanced Custom Fields. However, we found out that we can use another plugin which does. Our question about the Advanced Custom Fields is if Google (and other search engines) can scan the content of our Advanced Custom Fields? Or is there another solution? Visitors via Organic Search Results are a significant part of our total number of website visitors.

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  • ACF has nothing to do with SEO. Whether and how Google captures the site is determined by how you design your HTML and the fields you fill with ACF.

    Take a look into On-Page SEO.

  • Exactly what Kevin said. Yoast is attempting to tell you about SEO by scanning the value in the database. google cannot look in your database. google and other search engines look at the content that you present on the front of the site.

  • I’m new here and I would just like to add that whether you’re using Yoast or another SEO plugin, just make sure that your ACF content is properly optimized for search engines.

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