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Edit Field Group not working with sortable

  • Hi there,
    First thank you so much for such amazing plugin!
    I have been using it a lot in many websites without problem before, but now I have installed it in a friend website’s, and after creating some custom fields, all of them are shown in a vertical line to the left, and I can not see them, nor re order them, nor drag & drop them.

    In the image below you will see there are 4 custom fields created, and you can only see one of them displayed vertically. It seem that it is a javascript conflict but there is no error in the console. Any Idea about how to solve it?

    No Javascript errors in the console.
    Wordpress Version: 5.3.2
    ACF version: 5.8.9

  • Hi there,
    no worries about the porblem.
    Finally I deactivated the plugin and I solved the problem in another different way.


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