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Edit additional order info in order (admin)

  • Hi!

    I’m looking for a way to edit additional information from the order on the admin side of the order. The website uses additional fields for things as client numbers and such. This data is not editable for the user, but is essential for the admin. However, the information shows, but it’s not editable.

    How do I enable this feature to edit?

    Thank you very much!

    Kind regards!

  • Hi @allbrandsmatter

    Is it Woocommerce?

    If so, I’ve had similar! I ended up creating ACF fields and as long as the field name matches (you may need to check the database), you should then be able to edit that info via the ACF field

  • It is WooCoommerce. It is created with ACF field. But there’s no option to add it to the order page no?

    I created this site almost a year ago, but it’s the most complex thing I’ve ever created. I don’t even remember how I got the (uneditable) additional fields are order screen. All I know is that I can’t edit from the screen. It wasn’t a problem with the client until they decided to want that function 1 year later.

    Figured out how it gets on the user page from ACF, but there’s no option to put it on the order page.

  • Use post type = order

  • Hi Jarvis,

    It doesn’t work. I already tried that, but it’s never to be seen or edited at all on the order page. Is there a way to maybe put it in the additional fiels of shipping adres? Like with the notes? Just on that part. I don’t care where it is on the order status page, but post type order doesn’t seem to do anything.

    I can see it in the display options though, but it doesn’t show.

  • I’d say its a naming convention issue.

    If you check the database, you can get the field name

    Just ensure your ACF field name (not label) matches.

    So if the DB field says its _purchase_order

    Ensure your ACF field label is also _purchase_order

    It definitely works as done similar myself

  • How do I do that? I’ve never had to work of find something in the database

  • If you edit the order, you can get the post ID from the URL.

    Then head to the database, hopefully, you have PHPMyAdmin

    So just run:
    SELECT * FROMwp_postmetaWHEREpost_id= XX

    Where the XX is your post ID from the order.

    You can then view all the info stored against the order. You should be able to locate the field names you then need!

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