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Easy Digital Downloads – Frontend Submission customisation with ACF?

  • Hi. Does anyone have any experience with the Easy Digital Downloads plugin for WordPress and also ACF?

    You can customise the frontend form within the WordPress admin with EDD’s own custom fields, but I would like to try extend it further using ACF.

    One of the ‘blocks’ you can add to the EDD form is an ‘Action Hook’ which seemingly allows you to hook any function you want into the form. The help for that block is as follows…

    This is for developers to add dynamic elements as they want. It provides the chance to add whatever input type you want to add in this form.

    You can bind your own functions to render the form to this action hook. You’ll be given 3 parameters to play with: $form_id, $post_id, $form_settings.

    add_action(‘{hookname}’, ‘my_function_name}’, 10, 3 );
    // first param: Form Object
    // second param: Save ID of post/user/custom
    // third param: Field Object
    function my_function_name( $form, $save_id, $field ) {
    // Do whatever you want here

    Using that, would it possible for me to add ACF elements, or indeed an entire fieldset, into the EDD frontend submission form do you think?


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