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Dynamic questions & answers in accordion

  • Hi!
    I hope you can give me the answer to my questions. I am working on a project for a subframe with many employees. There are 3 departments there – A, B , C . Each employee has a detail page and a section with questions & answer which are displayed in a chordion.

    I work with Elementor and so far I have set fixed questions and the answer is played out by ACF.
    But since each department has different question (it usually exchanges only one word) the fixed question no longer works. Can ACF Pro help me here?

    If yes, how?

    Thanks for any help!

  • In combination with Elementor Pro, maybe. O the end you will probably need to build a shortcode. Add the questions to the “department” and then using the shortcode. Using ACF with a page builder makes using ACF more complicated.

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