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Duplicated wp_postmeta entries

  • Hey, so I have some pretty complex fields that are only set to show on the front page. I can edit them and display them just fine, however I’m noticing some really odd data behavior. Essentially, every time I save the page, it saves a different version of the data to wp_postmeta with the ‘new’ post_id of the page. Now this is all fine and good with simple fields, but with more complex fields, this is adding hundreds of entries an update. Also, the issue that prompted this was a badly-structured field that caused my database to hit upwards of 45,000 entries, which started causing all sorts of back-end memory issues.

    My only question is: is there any way to make it so this plugin does not save a new set of entries when wordpress makes a new version of the page? OR is there a way to get wordpress to overwrite a page rather than duplicating it as a different post.

  • Hello!
    You solved the problem? I was faced with the same.

  • Okay, so I fixed it with a plugin.
    Better delete revisions

    It’s very straight forward, but removes all revisions including the wp_postmeta associated with them. I would definitely suggest using this on a staging database first, but it worked like a charm for me.

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