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Duplicated fields after v5 upgrade

  • Hello

    First of all, as a developer I wanted to thank Elliot for this amazing plugin that I’ve been using for 2 years now and which has changed my life in terms of theme customization.

    I’ve been using ACF version 4.x for a while and I just started ACF 5 with a developer licence. Unfortunately I ran into several problems while upgrading from a version to a another.

    – My site is part of a WordPress Network installation (4.0.1)
    – My current version of ACF (4.4) is embebed in my theme folder (/mytheme/includes/acf)
    – I’ve installed version 5 (with the same path settings).

    After installing and upgrading my database, I noticed that:

    1) Half of my fields groups (I have 25 in total) were displaying duplicated fields. And most of the time, these duplicated fields appears at twice if not more.

    For example:
    – field group X with 10 fields > would turn into field group X with 30 fields

    2) Inside a field group, not all the fields would be duplicated. Sometimes only 1 or 2 fields (generally [TAB] or [ repeater ] field type but there is no consistency. All other fields types are also be duplicated as well.

    3) All IMAGES and/or FILES field types have been converted into TEXT field type which I assumed has something to do with the changes/upgrades made on version 5 (field settings). I don’t see any other explanation

    My point is that “the changes on the fly” stated by the following documentation ( are not happening here. Or at least something is not clean in the way the upgrade script is performing the updates.

    I’ve read the FORUM about the potential cause for this problem (duplicated fields) but nothing really came out in terms of sustainable solution to avoid that.

    > There was a suggestion about the fact that my fields were probably registered somewhere in a functions.php file. After a check, i can guarantee that this not the case.

    > I’ve also made a test by importing my field groups (built with ACF v4.4) into a completely fresh instance of Worpdress with a new theme.

    > After the upgrade to ACF v5 (database upgrade), I ran into the same exact problems.

    So this mean that unless, there is a more cleaner procedure to upgrade from v4 to v5, i am going to stick with the v4 version of ACF. It’s unfortunate though.

  • Not saying you’re not having a problem. I just set up a field group on a test site that only had ACF 4 installed, did the upgrade to 5 and did not see any duplication of fields.

    Some questions

    How did you import your fields into the test site you mentioned?

    After activating ACF5 did you get a message that you needed to upgrade the database? If you don’t recall can you try it again and let me know.

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