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Duplicate fields when adding an ACF to a custom taxonomy.

  • As the title states: When you add a custom field and make it’s location to a ‘Taxonomy’…the field shows up twice when editing a term that belongs to said taxonomy. The issue was replicated with two different field types.

  • I cannot reproduce what you are seeing. The only way I know that this this can happen is that you have 2 field groups with the same fields that have different field group keys.

  • Here are some screen captures of the Custom Field page and an associated Taxonomy Term page to show the issue.

  • Also… I am using Extended and Pro.

  • Do you get the same result with ACF Extended deactivated? That plugin is by a different developer.

  • That might be the issue. When I disable the AC Extended it says the page I’m trying view has been deleted. That makes sense because I think ACF Extended is handling custom taxonomies… It’s a little disturbing because I thought it was the same developer…not a huge deal though.

  • If that plugin is controlling it then you’re going to have a hard time narrowing down the cause. The page you gave the sceenshot to does not look like my screen on a taxonomy so ACF extended is somehow adding this page. I would contact the developer of that plugin.

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