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duplicat fields after upgrading to PRO

  • Hi
    I’ve just upgrade my wordpress from the last version to the latest pro version.
    In one of the groups i had 46 fields. now after i did the upgrading i have 196 fields:

    When i go to edit the page that call the 46 field none appears.

    What can i do?

  • Hi @yarongo ,
    Is it possible you are using a multi language plugin such as WPML, This may be the reason why you are having duplicated fields.

  • We just had the same problem with a transition from ACF+Repeater, etc., to Pro. All our field groups but one were duplicated. The one that was not duplicated had only a single text field; each of the others had repeater, WYSIWYG and/or related post link fields.

    The bad news is that in at least one case, there are two fields missing from one of the repeater fields in the older version of the field group. The portal_box field in field_group #5209 has only three fields; the one in field_group #5255 contains all five of the fields that should be there. (See attachments.) As a result, part of the portal box is not displaying.

    We have no multi-language support. Here’s a list of our active plugins:
    ManageWP – Worker (v4.1.6) by ManageWP
    Gravity Forms (v1.9.9) by rocketgenius
    Admin Quick Jump (v1.4) by James Kemp
    Advanced Custom Fields Pro (v5.2.6) by elliot condon
    Advanced Post Types Order (v3.6.2) by Nsp Code
    BackWPup (v3.1.4) by Inpsyde GmbH
    Categories Images (v2.5) by Muhammad Said El Zahlan
    Cookies for Comments (v0.5.5) by Donncha O Caoimh
    Duplicate Post (v2.6) by Enrico Battocchi
    WordPress Editorial Calendar (v3.5) by Colin Vernon, Justin Evans, Joachim Kudish, Mary Vogt, and Zack Grossbart
    Enable Media Replace (v3.0.3) by Måns Jonasson
    Google Analytics by Yoast (v5.4.2) by Team Yoast
    Google Calendar Events (v0.7.2) by Ross Hanney
    Gravity Forms – Placeholders add-on (v1.2.1) by Joan Piedra
    Gravity Forms MailChimp Add-On (v3.6) by rocketgenius
    Image Watermark (v1.5.0) by dFactory
    McWebby Magnific Popup (v00.01.00) by Donna McMaster
    McWebby Custom Post Types (v00.02.01) by Donna McMaster (declares post types)
    Media Tags (v3.2.0.2) by Paul Menard
    Members (v0.2.4) by Justin Tadlock
    Simple Sitemap (v1.65) by David Gwyer
    Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Hardening (v1.7.9) by Sucuri, INC
    Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order (v1.4.2) by Nsp-Code
    ThreeWP Activity Monitor (v2.12) by edward mindreantre
    WooCommerce Bulk Discount (v2.3.1) by Rene Puchinger
    WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing (v2.9.6) by Lucas Stark
    WooCommerce (v2.3.10) by WooThemes
    WooThemes Helper (v1.5.5) by WooThemes
    WordPress SEO (v2.1.1) by Team Yoast
    WP Migrate DB Pro (v1.4.7) by Delicious Brains
    WP SEO Humility (v0.1) by Donna McMaster

    Must-use Plugins:
    ManageWP – Worker Loader (v) by ManageWP
    McWebby Debug Log (v0.1.0) by Donna McMaster

  • If it is helpful, I can also provide dumps of the ACF database entries before and after the upgrade.

  • HI @yarongo

    This is quite odd.

    The best option would be to deactivate all the plugins before the upgrade and see if the problem persists.

    Hope this helps.

  • I had a similar issue and discovered the Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Hardening plugin was the cause.

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