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Dropdown menu reverts to first option

  • Hi, I have a ACF in the New Post page. It has a dropdown menu field that has the info from the possible “authors” of the post.
    My issue is: Let’s say I choose the 2nd option and submit the post. Everything looks great on the front. But if I go to edit the post, the dropdown will go to the first option, it doesn’t “remember” my previous selection.

    It’s quite a headache, since I got to reset my authors (I got the same method for entering the twitter account and the pics credits) every time I change anything in the post.

    Maybe there’s a way for it to “remember” my selection, or maybe there’s a better way to set it up. I also have repeater and gallery, just in case I can use any of those as a better method.

  • Well, I think I found a better way for it to work with the Radio Buttons. My only concern is the messy look vs the dropdown menu. I leave this open, just to see if someone knows how to make this work with the dropdown menu.


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