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Displaying multiple Custom Post/Fields as part of paragraph

  • Hello,

    In advance I apolgies for my lack of knowledge, I am super new to this (2 days!).

    I downloaded the plug CPT and ACF, and both were wonderfully simple to use. I use elementor to help build my site, and create a custom post template I am really happy with, including lots of dynamic tags from ACF Fields.

    The final part I wanted to do, was to write a block of text, that inputs ACF fields at the relevent point (Kind of like a Mail Merge for a letter, i.e. “This car <insert card name> is valued at approx <Insert Value>”). I assumed this would be simple, but sadly it is not, as elementor does not allow me to inset ACF custom fields into a text block (1 field per text block).

    Looking around, I started trying to work out the ACF commands, i read about “the_field”, and made a snippet in WPCode Snippet for “<h2><?php the_field(‘name’); ?></h2>” took the shortcode and added it to my post template, sadly nothing happened.

    I assume I have done something really stupid, but no idea what and was hoping someone could help!

  • I don’t use Elementor but do they support shortcodes in their content? ACF has a built-in shortcode for display of their fields, which you can read more on here.

  • Hello

    Thanks for your response, yes elementor supports shortcodes, but not multiple as part of a text block

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