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Displaying information from a CPT in a post

  • Hi,

    On my site I have the following:

    • A “Book Author” CPT, which uses the post title for the author name, featured image for the author image and post content for the author bio.
    • I have a Book Reviews CPT
    • I have created a new field group with a relationship field that displays in Book Reviews

    The idea is that I can use the relationship field to select an author in Book Reviews. This is working.

    However, I cannot figure out how to display the author info (pulled from the “Book Author”) in the Book Review on the frontend. When I use the “Custom field finder” plugin to see what info is in the Book Review post, all I see is the Book Author post ID I selected. I’ve tried to set the “Return format” to Post Object and Post ID, with the same result: only the post ID is returned.

    I’ve been trying to use Kadence Elements to display this info, but all it can see is the Book Author post ID.

    Is there anything that will pull all the info (author name, image, bio) from the selected Book Author?

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