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Display values from multiple pages on another page

  • Overview:
    Holiday resort website
    10 Resorts, each with its own PAGE filled with ACF values
    (can’t use POSTS, as I’m going to be using that for things to do)

    Each page displays name, description, prices, gallery, features etc.

    I want a single ‘Resorts’ page to show all 10 Resorts with select parts of the info from each Resort Page.

    Resort 1
    Description etc

    Resort 2
    Description etc

    and so on.

    I know I could have a separate Repeater field on the Resorts page and just fill in the info there, but I don’t want to double up on the work.

    So how do I get the resorts page to show selected values from other pages in a repeater style fashion.

    So it doesn’t matter how many resorts I add, it will just spit them out on the Resorts page.

    I’m comfortable with ACF generally – just can’t get my head around how to approach this.

    Thanks in advance


  • For something like this you should look at creating a custom post type. I generally use this plugin

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