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Display field group by role AND user meta_key

  • Hi there!

    We’re using a licensed ACF5 together with CouponXxL to create a new service. CouponXxL implements two ‘account types’: Buyers and Vendors. These types are all of the WordPress’s role Editor. What differs from each other are the user metadata property ‘cxxl_account_type’. It could be ‘buyer’ or ‘vendor’.

    Well, what we’re looking for is to provide a field group to any user with the Editor role AND a certain metadata set (e.g. cxxl_account_type == buyer). The role part ACF5 is able to deal out of the box. But we can’t find how to set a rule for a particular user meta_key.

    We’re pretty sure this is not available in the rule setup frontend. Is there a way to do it programmatically?

    All the best.

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