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Display custom fields from another CPT (without using PHP?)

  • Hi everyone. I really need your help with a rather simple scenario I am trying to tackle.

    I am using Elementor PRO and I have created two CPTs with ACF.

    The first CPT is ‘Portfolio Items’ with fields like “Client Name”, “Logo”, “Project Details” etc. and the second CPT is ‘Testimonials’ with fields like “Name and Surname”, “Position” and “Testimonial text”.

    I created a template for the Portfolio Items which is assigned to show on the Portfolio custom post type.

    I also want to display the testimonial’s custom fields inside the portfolio template but even if I select the testimonial fields in the Elementor ACF dropdown, the fields are not displaying on the frontend.

    I have tried the relationship fields, post object, clone but nothing seems to work. Sorry if this has been asked a gazillion times but I couldn’t find how to achieve this.


  • Hi Abbas and thank you for your reply.

    I have tried many things with the relationship feature but I can’t make it work.

    To be honest, even if I have watched many videos and read all the documentation I still find it really hard to understand how it works. I am thinking of hiring someone to do this. Or perhaps it is Elementor Pro that has this limitation.

    Just to make sure, I am going to spin up a test site and try to do the same in Bricks builder.

    I am going to post an update soonest possible.

  • I have also ditched Elementor for Bricks Builder but a friend of mine asked for some help with his Elementor website and ACF and I remembered once again why I left Elementor.

    Let me know how I can get in touch with you so we can discuss further and find a solution to this.

    P.S. I sent a message to WP Engine for the spam comments in the forum and I proposed to add a “Flag as spam” or similar functionality to fight off these suckers.

  • Hi,

    My previous account was trashed alonside the spammer’s account.

    You see my previous comments were deleted too. and your last response is in private.

    Well that’s for their community rules.

    We may talk further via abqariyuh [@]

  • Hey adeiza. Are you the same person that initially replied to my question (username: abbas)?

    I guess they took my email too seriously over at WP Engine and thought that every post except mine was spam and any other user other than me was a scammer.

    I explicitly told them that there is a person that legitimately tries to help me while a random spammer posts a book promotion service.

    And they banned your account too? That’s a bit careless from the forum admins.

    Anyway, I will get in touch with you to discuss further about this.

  • Yes, I was the one.

    I introduced the use of relationship field and how I’ve left Elementor because of developer-friendliness.

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