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Display Complete Site-Wide List of Field Values

  • Hello,

    Firstly, loving this plugin. It’s now become the first one I install for each new WP installation I work on.

    I’ve searched around to try and find an answer to a problem I’m having, without much luck as I’m probably not sure of the correct terminology of what I’m after. So here goes.

    I have a bunch of product pages on my site. On each of the product pages I have a table with all available downloads for that product (data sheets, whitepapers etc). These downloads are set up via a repeater in the backend. So for each download the admin can enter the name, file path, date added and type of file (PDF etc).

    What I then want to do is take all that information and display it on a Downloads page. So website visitors can see all the downloads that have been entered across all the product pages in one big list.

    Is that possible to do?

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