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Display checkbox instead of multiple select

  • Hi everyone !

    I created a group of custom fields, one of my field is a selection of custom post types called “Activities”

    Into the administration of a custom post type called “Campus” I display the group of custom fields. The selection of custom types called “Activites” is displayed like a multiple select.

    I just want to display this selection into checkboxes and not a multiple select.

    i have no idea how to change this and I’m looking for the solution for a long time.
    Tthanks for your help !

  • What type of field is it? Relationship? or something else.

  • No, there isn’t any way to alter the way this type of field is displayed. If you want a checkbox field then you’ll need to create a checkbox field. That would mean that you’d need to do a lot more work getting the related posts though.

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