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Display as table with headings as columns

  • The following image illustrates my problem better than I can express with words:

    The question: how to display this table (in the admin area) like the below picture?

  • The short answer is that you can’t.

    The long answer: Each row is a row in the repeater and the code for the repeater does not allow switching a row of the repeater to be represented as a table column. In order to do this you’d need to build a new repeater field as well as all the JavaScript that’s implemented when a new row is added. Possible, but if this was easy my guess is that it would already be included.

  • John Huebner
    The short answer is that you can’t.

    Thanks, that’s exactly the kind of encouragement I needed. 😉

    As it turns out, tables can be transformed to have vertical headings using some CSS trickery, as this minimal example proves.

    This is what I got the repeater field to look like using 35 lines of CSS:

    ACF repeater field with vertical headings

    It remains fully functional (adding, deleting and re-ordering rows) without touching any of the JavaScript. Here’s the code (inserted into functions.php). There’s undoubtedly room for improvement, but it seems to work quite well so far.

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