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Disable a theme included ACFpro extension

  • Hi !

    I just bought ACF pro plugin and I have a situation. I use the extension multiple themes plugin to have two themes running at the same time. All the website is under Maggz and one search page (with geoloc) runs under My listing.

    Until recently, I had used ACF to create new fields in Maggz (on author pages). And my listing had ACF pro integrated. Having both ACF and ACF pro was challenging but with some CSS, everything was working as it should.

    This changed this month after the Google maps api changes and some my listing changes too. I tried to stick to the last version but google maps wouldn’t work anymore.

    So I tried a lot of things and I’ve come to the conclusion that I needed to have an ACFpro license instead of the regular one to create the Maggz fields and that I needed to get My listing to use this same extension instead of theirs.

    Do you know how I can disable their included ACFpro extension?

    Of course, I included the google maps settings (it’d solved the problems once before, but it isn’t working anymore yet):

    function my_acf_init() {acf_update_setting(‘show_admin’, false); // Don’t show ACF in the WP admin.

    acf_update_setting(‘google_api_key’, ‘XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX’); // Our Google API key.


    add_action(‘acf/init’, ‘my_acf_init’);

    define(‘ACF_EARLY_ACCESS’, ‘5’);

    Their would also be another way maybe. Get to include ACFpro in Maggz so I wouldn’t have to activate the extension (which is when the trouble happens). I followed the tutorial given but it triggers a 500 error.

    Does anyone of you know where this could come from?

    Thank you for your help !


    ps: the ACFpro version running is the 5.0.0 . I get 500 error when I use higher versions. And I’m not sure of the version used by Mylisting

  • ACF installed as a plugin should override ACF installed as part of a theme because plugins are loaded before the theme. However, that said, I don’t know what effect the multiple theme plugin has on this. Sorry I can’t be of more help, you should contact the theme author if you can’t get this to work.

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