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Different content when admin logged in or out

  • Hi all,

    I am using ACF to display details of different rooms’ locations, data and items contained in them.
    I have set up room “A” for example, to show as Location: “Corner Room”.
    When I am logged into WP, the room shows exactly as it should, in any and all browsers I check.
    When I log out and check with the same or different browser, the room shows as “Standard Room” instead of “Corner Room”.

    I deleted all browsers’ cache and cookies, tried again, same result. Tried through an anonymizer service, same. I also confirmed this with people from different countries who can see the exact same problem as me by using a variety of different browsers, both desktop and mobile. I have looked into the db and I can confirm that the entry is indeed correctly setup as “Corner Room”. It is also correctly set up at the post’s page.

    I can’t figure out what to change to fix the problem! Could you please help?
    Have you ever seen that problem before?

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