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Deleting ACf field from WordPress Post form

  • After uninstalling the reinstalling the pro version of ACF, I have a stray, leftover field that still shows up in my standard WP “Post” form. (The pro version is not installing properly and I cannot access this field through ACF.)

    Can I delete the field itself (and any associated data) in wp_postmeta? Or elsewhere?

    How do I determine and identify the entries that must be deleted?

    Or is there another way to accomplish this?


  • Hi @jdscomms

    ACF won’t delete the data in the wp_postmeta table because it’s possible that the data is still in use by other things on your site. In this case, you need to find the old data and delete them manually.

    ACF saves two entries in the wp_postmeta table, the custom field value and the custom field reference. The value will look like this in your database:

    custom_field_name : custom field value

    While the reference looks like this:

    _custom_field_name : field_1234567890abc

    I hope this helps 🙂

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