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Define number of rows repeater field fetches back and randomise which it pulls

  • Hi,

    I am pulling in some ACF data from a defined page in my template – this works as per code below, what I would like to do is define the number of ‘results’ displayed and pull them in, in a random format – so lets say their are 10 copies of the repeater field ‘testimonialREPEATER’ on page id 1480. Id like the code below to pull all the info it does – BUT to just pull a random 3 of the 10, so that only 3 rather than all 10 are displayed… Is this possible?

    			// check if the repeater field has rows of data
    			if( have_rows('testimonialREPEATER', 1480) ):
    				// loop through the rows of data
    				while ( have_rows('testimonialREPEATER', 1480) ) : the_row();
                        <!-- v2 -->
    					<div class="testimonialItemWrapper">
                        <div class="testieImageFocus<?php the_sub_field('testimonialIMAGEFOCUS'); ?> testimonialItemQUOTEWrapper">
                        <?php the_sub_field('testimonialQUOTE'); ?>
                        <h3><?php the_sub_field('testimonialAUTHOR'); ?><?php if( get_sub_field('testimonialPOSITION') ): ?> - <?php the_sub_field('testimonialPOSITION'); ?><?php endif; ?><?php if( get_sub_field('testimonialCOMPANY') ): ?>, <?php the_sub_field('testimonialCOMPANY'); ?><?php endif; ?>
                        <div class="testieImageFocus<?php the_sub_field('testimonialIMAGEFOCUS'); ?> testimonialItemIMGWrapper" style="background-image:url('<?php the_sub_field('testimonialIMG'); ?>');">
                        <!--<img src="<?php the_sub_field('testimonialIMG'); ?>" title="<?php the_sub_field('testimonialIMG'); ?>" alt="<?php the_sub_field('testimonialIMG'); ?>"/>-->
    			else :
    				// no rows found
  • I would do it a different way and not use an acf have_rows() loop

    $repeater = get_field('testimonialREPEATER', 1480);
    $indexes = array_rand($repeater, 3);
    foreach ($indexes as $index) {

    Using the above, instead of using the_sub_field() you would need to access the value in the array, for example testimonialQUOTE would be

    echo $repeater[$index]['testimonialQUOTE'];
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