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Default Field Group for all subdomains on Multisite

  • hello,

    first id like to say great plugin, ive used it on many of my sites with out any issues.

    i would just like to know what the capabilities of ACF is with a wordpress multisite. Specifically, is there a way to create one field group in the admin menu or something that can be applied to all of the posts of the specified post type in all of the multisite subdomains. Basically, i would like to create a Member’s Directory page using the repeater field for each subdomain and have the subdomain’s page automatically grab the field group. it would be a real hassle to create this field group for each subdomain individually. I can create the pages by default with the appropriate acf shortcodes included on any new subdomain but i cant figure out how to get a field group to “see” these posts. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi @williamotto

    I’m not 100% sure, but I believe that ACF will only load the field groups from the individual site. This means it is not possible to make a ‘master’ field group.

    That said, I have a feeling if you used the ‘export to PHP’ feature in ACF and saved the field group data to a separate file, you could get all your multi-sites to load in that file, therefore creating the same field groups across all sites.

    Does that help?


  • yes that sounds like it is just what i am looking for, i will try it out, thank you !

  • just keeping the thread updated and marking it as solved. Elliot’s solution worked perfectly. I just set the field to apply to the custom template i made, exported, uncommented the include for repeater, and it shows up upon creation of a new sub-site AND its uneditable by the end user which is perfect. Thanks E!!

  • Could you go into a little more detail on what you did williamotto? I need the same type of functionality. After you create the field group and then export to PHP. Where are you putting this code at? The custom template you are referring to.. is it a backend template or a frontend template?

  • A small caveat on using this technique for multisite. Once you export the script to php and add it to your theme, you can no longer add/edit fields via the admin.

    In our multisite setups, we have what is basically a template site setup where we can continue adding/editing fields, conditionals, etc. We use conditionals in the theme which test the domain. If the site is our template site, the scripts in the theme are ignored and acf_lite mode is turned off. We can make changes as needed, then copy the updated export to the theme. If it is not the template site, the scripts in the theme load and acf_lite mode is turned on.

  • Interesting to note, the accepted answer works just as well in a ‘must use’ (MU) plugin function called on ‘init’. Only mention this as it is a nice way to share the fields across subsites that use different themes.

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